The High Street Account

The High Street Account provide support to new business start ups, existing businesses and business that are ready for the “next step”.


The High Street Accountant were requiring an upgrade to their current technology and for a mobile app which would allow for more flexibility when working from home.   Due to the home working requirements during the Covid Pandemic there was a clear need that when clients called the office, the team were able to answer from and to never miss a call.

The Solution

The Gamma Horizon Solution was proposed to The High Street Accountant, as it is an integrated cloud based phone system, which allows for flexibility for users whether working remotely within an office environment .  

The Horizon solution offers a reliable and resilient service which allows for business continuity whilst remote working, along with increased levels of productivity.

“Since the day the system was set up we have never had a problem with, we have also always been able to get hold of the Dalys team. They always get back to me on any queries”
The High Street Accountant

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