RSPCA Woodside Animal Centre

RSPCA use the Horizon Cloud Hosting Telephony

Since 1881 there has been a branch of the RSPCA in Leicestershire. Helping to rescue, rehabilitate
and rehome animals in need.

The centre, run by staff and volunteers, provide a home for the rescued animals. Ensuring that they are cared for by checking they have access to a vet, a warm bed, the right diet, regular exercise, love and understanding, training. Preparing them for rehoming before finding them their loving forever home.

Woodside RSPCA’s vision is a world where all animals are respected and treated with kindness and compassion.


Initially, some of Dalys work with the RSPCA began when their original NEC SV8100 telephone system would no longer allow for extra licenses or SIP trunks to be added on, due to being discontinued. This was using an ISDN2 system, which knowingly was waiting for its demise date. Later, the RSPCA branch requested two new desktop PCs from Dalys. To fit within two of their remote sites in order to give users the opportunity for business continuity.  

The Solution – Horizon Cloud Hosting Telephony

Dalys quoted Gamma’s Horizon for the branch, to upgrade them from their NEC SV8100 system and future proof them for the 2025 switch off of ISDN services. Horizon Cloud Hosting Telephony offers great flexibility, enabling users to work anywhere with an internet connection. This mobility allows any home, office, or mobile workers to stay connected as if they were together, irrelevant of their physical location. The upgrade here then later helped when Dalys installed the two new desktop PCs. As a result setting up new users on Horizon was very simple. As all that was needed is a new license to be ordered. Allowing no business disruption during set-up.

“Dalys provided exceptional service in upgrading our telecommunications system at RSPCA Woodside Animal Centre. Their seamless transition to Horizon Cloud Hosting Telephony ensured minimal disruption to our operations. While the integration of new desktop PCs streamlined our processes. Daly’s dedication to our cause and expertise in future-proofing our systems have been invaluable in our mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome animals in need. We are grateful for their unwavering support.”
RSPCA use the Horizon Cloud Hosting Telephony
Neil Everall
Head of Fundraising & Marketing

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