Rothley Park Golf Course Company Ltd

Rothley Park Golf Club has provided a unique challenge to golfers of all different abilities since the course’s official opening in 1912.


Previously, Rothley Park Golf Club had very poor internet service, causing them to struggle coping with demand and thus causing major disruption.

The Solution

Dalys installed a managed Wi-Fi solution, allowing for high speed internet connection and Wi-Fi for operational purposes including the till system. Now, almost everything that they do is cloud based, which has increased cost effectiveness and business efficiency. Post this installation, our company now supports Rothley Park Golf Club’s phone system and IT. Having previously been with alternative suppliers, the company has described the move with us personally as: ‘By moving to Dalys, we now have a one stop shop that looks after all our telecommunications and IT requirements.  This not only makes life much simpler for us, but it has also been cost effective too.’

‘Working with Dalys is like having a complete telecommunication and IT department within our company. The speed in which they respond to any enquiries and friendly manner in how they do it, makes it feel like they are part of our business.’
Rothley Park Golf Course Company Ltd

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