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Pusterla Pollards offer a complete packaging solution for the beauty, drinks, gift, entertainment and corporate markets, crowning them as the Luxury Packaging Supplier of the Year 2021.

Pusterla Pollards originally needed a data point for a phone and a PC for each desk, however this was prevented
by only having a singular data point at each. As well as this internal issue, when their employees worked at home on a Friday, the company had issues regarding their calls.
All phone calls would be directed to their Coalville office, meaning that it couldn’t be monitored who was picking up the calls or which call was for which individual.
Therefore, there was a requirement externally too, in order to fix these business issues. 


The Solution
Our account managers, Matt and Dave, recommended for us to install Wildix, including the option of a headset for each user to solve the problem of needing two data points. The decision was made to install Wildix for all users, as well as call reporting for 15 of these. This then offered the flexibility and visibility required to monitor who was answering each call and where they were. Our sales team had their initial discussion in April 2023, and the entire system had been fitted by June 2023, just two months later. 

‘I cannot speak highly enough of Dalys. From solution finding, and project management, through to new system implementation, the journey was smooth and faultless. They surpass expectations with roll outs and check in to make sure that everything is working as it should be. Matt is approachable and accommodating and I’m very grateful to him and the team for their support. I look forward to working with them on new projects in the future.’
Pusterla Pollards Ltd

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