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Using mobile phones for business while travelling is essential, but it doesn’t have to be a hassle. Whether your business operates domestically or internationally, there are special mobile packages available that can simplify your life and reduce your phone bills.

If you have a team that works internationally, you need to be aware of roaming charges. Additional roaming costs were prohibited in 2017, allowing users to data roam in EU countries for free. However, after the UK’s departure from the EU, some major brands are now charging extra for roaming abroad since we no longer receive free roaming charges within the EU. As a result, one business received a bill of over £5000 due to an employee using their work phone abroad when roaming wasn’t included in their service.

To avoid such charges, some network providers offer business bolt-ons. For example, EE provides unlimited data packages that allow you to pay £10 for 30 days of unlimited data access abroad or £5 per day for 500MB of access for everyone in your package when travelling abroad as a team. A web portal is also available for adding these roaming bolt-ons on your own, or you can get a dedicated account manager from Dalys to handle it for you.

Even if your mobile network charges extra for roaming abroad, Dalys offers packages that make roaming charges budget-friendly. We are associated with major network providers and can offer mobile services with first-class customer service. You can also  avoid massive bills abroad and manage your entire mobile estate from a single secure web portal that provides a bird’s eye view of all mobile activity, including mobile models and brands.

Other features of Dalys mobile include Voice over 4G, Voice over WiFi, access to over 200 roaming destinations, and 5G access.

We also provide tailored business packages, including SIM Only, Data Only, SIM and Mobiles, and Shared Bundles, tailored to meet your business needs.

If you’re looking to save yourself some stress and money with one supplier, one account manager, one service desk, and one bill, Dalys is your supplier. Contact us today to discuss your needs!


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