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Add Phone Calls To Microsoft Teams

With Operator Connect You Can

Integrate your business calls directly into Teams with your existing phone numbers.

Operator Connect simplifies your calling processes, offering an all-in-one Teams communications system that enables phone calling, alongside the existing video and live chat functions.

Key Benefits of utilising Operator Connect with Teams:

Add Phone Calls To Microsoft Teams

• Reliability you can trust: 99.99% uptime
• Familiar platform: It’s Teams, with an added dial pad
Simple and efficient to use: Click to dial
Seamless collaboration: PC, Mobile, Tablet 
Always secure: End-to-end encryption 
Never miss a call: Available on multiple devices 
Scalable: It can grow with you 
• Continuity: Keep all existing numbers 
• Easy Set-up: Let Dalys manage it for you

Unlock the full potential and add phone calls to Microsoft teams.

We cover this in more detail on:

We’re starting to see a large number of businesses moving to this way of communicating with their colleagues, clients and suppliers. So, if you don’t want to be left behind contact us today to speak to our team about Operator Connect and add phone calls to Microsoft Teams. 

March 31st Is World Backup Day

World Back up day March 31st

In 2011, digital consultant Ismail Jadun initiated World Backup Day after coming across a Reddit post where someone expressed the regret of losing their hard drive and wished for a reminder about the crucial nature of data backup. 

Recognising the significance of encouraging a global commitment to safeguarding digital assets, Jadun proposed the idea of dedicating a day for everyone to pause and secure their files and documents. March 31st was chosen as the observance date, strategically placed just before April Fools’ Day, with the clever notion that only fools would neglect to back up their data

One easy way to protect your all important data is a Cloud Backups Solution. Which safeguards business data by automatically storing it securely in a remote location. This ensures accessibility and quick recovery during unexpected events. This solution offers flexibility with on-demand or scheduled backups and advanced security features to prevent data breaches.  


Dalys Cloud Backup support covers: 
• Secure Data Backup 
• Scalable Storage 
• Automated Backup 
• Accessible from Anywhere 

If you are worried or would like help with your backup please contact us 

How Wildix has helped Industria Personnel  

Industria Personnel Services, a top UK and Europe staffing firm, partnered with Dalys to upgrade their communication infrastructure across 6 sites.

Transitioning to a Wildix hosted telephone system improved flexibility for 70 staff members, enabling them to make business calls from laptops and mobile devices.

The upgrade also introduced call recording and statistics features, enhancing productivity and providing valuable insights for better decision-making on staffing.

Sarah Tomlin Racing Sponsorship 

Meet Sarah Tomlin, a 13-year-old defying stereotypes as she gears up for her third season in the National Ministox Championship. Despite facing doubters, Sarah is undeterred, finding motivation in proving them wrong and embracing her passion for racing.

Inspired by witnessing Courtney Witts win the championship at Coventry at the age of 5, Sarah dreamed of becoming a National Ministox Racer. With determination and hard work, she convinced her parents to invest in her dream, and in 2022, she hit the track as the driver of the #18 National Ministox. 

Sarah Tomlin Racing sponsored by Dalys

We are pleased to sponsor Sarah Tomlin (Car #18) for her third year in National Ministox racing.

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