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Wildix hosted system I telephony and internet connectivity

Industria Personnel Services offer high quality staffing solutions within all business sectors across the UK and Europe. Positioning them as the UK’s 13th fastest growing recruiter.

Their partners clientele include some of the best employers, such as: British Gas, Pets At Home and TNT.


Dalys have had the pleasure of working with Industria for over 15 years and we now provide their telephony and internet connectivity for 6 sites! Previously, the company had one on premise phone system in their Leicester office. With all of their other sites being connected separately via the internet.

The issue however with relying on a singular box was that, if that died, through circumstances such as a power cut, fire or hardware failure, then the entirety of the business’s communications would go down.

The Solution

Therefore, instead of remaining with one on-premise phone system, we moved them to a Wildix hosted system. This was implemented for about 70 staff across 6 UK sites in Europe. As well as the ease of their telephony and internet connectivity being in one system. Their staff now had more flexibility as they were able to use their laptops and mobiles to make their business calls. Hence allowing for effective business on the go, at home or anywhere with an internet connection.

Call recording and statistics were another bonus here, with Industria themselves stating that they ‘believe it has improved our productivity, as it enables speedier call management. Also, the management tools have given us a far better insight into call traffic and have enabled us to make decisions about colleague deployment and levels of staffing’.

“The implementation of the Wildix hosted system was smooth. Ahead of the original schedule (as we changed it at short notice) and was made as simple as possible. The core team were very good and trained/ hand-held the staff where appropriate. Trouble free, with great backup support.”
Mark Williams
Finance Director

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