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Network & Security

IT systems are the backbone of your business, improve efficiency, boost productivity and sharpen your competitive edge.

About Our Service

Network & Security is a service that provides businesses with the necessary hardware, software and security solutions to protect their networks and IT infrastructure. This includes firewalls, VPNs, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and other security tools to protect against cyber threats. Additionally, our team of experts can provide consultation and recommendations on the best hardware and security solutions for your specific needs.

Network & Security

Network & Security is a service that provides businesses with the necessary hardware, software and security solutions to protect their networks and IT infrastructure.

Secure Network Hardware

A secure network is crucial for any business, which is why we offer a wide range of hardware solutions that meet the highest security standards. Our hardware options include firewalls, routers, switches, and wireless access points that are designed to protect against cyber threats. Our team of experts will help you choose the right hardware for your network, ensuring that it is configured and installed properly for optimal security.

Network Security Solutions

Protecting your network from cyber threats is essential, and our network security solutions provide the protection you need. Our security solutions include firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems, and virtual private network (VPN) technologies. Our team of security experts will work with you to implement the right security solutions for your network, ensuring that your sensitive data is protected against cyber threats.

Network Management & Monitoring

Network management and monitoring is essential to ensuring the health and performance of your network. Our network management and monitoring services include real-time monitoring, reporting and alerting, and proactive issue resolution. Our team of network experts will manage and monitor your network 24/7, ensuring that any issues are quickly identified and resolved to minimise downtime and keep your business running smoothly.

Spear Phishing Simulation

Advanced Email Security

Ensure uninterrupted, secure email communications with our comprehensive protection features, safeguarding your mailboxes against spam, malware, phishing, ransomware, CEO fraud, and other cyber threats. Spam and Malware Protection: Utilising advanced AI and machine learning technologies, we guarantee a 99.99% detection rate for spam and 99.9% for viruses. Advanced Threat Protection: Defend your email traffic from sophisticated cyberattacks with features like URL scanning, rewriting, sandboxing, and freezing to maintain a secure IT infrastructure. Email Signatures and Disclaimers: Automatically integrate ad banners or links into email signatures for external corporate communication, along with compliant company disclaimers.

Wireless Network Solutions

Wireless networks are becoming increasingly popular, but they come with their own security risks. Our wireless network solutions are designed to provide secure, reliable and high-speed wireless connectivity for your business. Our wireless solutions are easy to manage and scale, allowing you to add more devices as your business grows. They also offer advanced features such as guest networks, hotspot management and automatic security updates.

Our approach

Innovation. Agility. Expertise.

At Dalys, we take a customer-focused approach to all our services. We aim to understand your unique needs and work with you to develop bespoke solutions that meet your specific requirements.


For the design phase, we focus on creating an innovative and visually appealing solution to meet your needs.


In development, our team uses the latest technology and practices to bring the design to life. You can trust us.


For deployment, we ensure a smooth and seamless transition, ensuring the solution is integrated seamlessly into your infrastructure.

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