Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a powerful tool that has become a staple for businesses of all sizes. By integrating your CRM with other business systems, you can streamline workflows and boost productivity. However, one integration that often goes overlooked is the integration of your phone system with your CRM.

When you integrate your phone system with your CRM, you can access the customer’s information immediately as they call. This can help your team assist customers more efficiently and ultimately lead to a boost in productivity and an overall improvement in the quality of customer service. In fact, 56% of customers expect their queries to be dealt with in a single interaction, making this integration essential for all companies.

In addition to improving customer service, integrating your phone system with your CRM can give your business a competitive advantage. This integration includes automation features, such as automatically entering the caller’s information, such as date, time, name, and location. The screen-pop feature also provides your team with customer details, creating a quick personalised interaction that can result in stronger customer relationships.

Identifying and verifying customers becomes quicker with this integration as well. With all the information at hand, your team can ask simple security questions if needed. Click-to-dial allows your team to call customers straight from the CRM, recording every call made to customers. This saves time and effort, eliminating the need to manually dial phone numbers.

Your management team can also assess key metrics on each individual and effectively manage your team’s workload with performance monitoring. Using call analytics to measure your sales team’s performance can motivate them to improve, and if your CRM system supports Wall Board facilities, you can show the team analytics in the office.

Data recording is also made more efficient with this integration. Having your CRM integrated with your phone system prompts your team to record the vital data from the call, making the process fool-proof, simple, and efficient.

There are various CRM-integrated phone systems available to suit every budget. With this integration, you can take your customer service to the next level and improve your business reputation. At Dalys we can take care of this. 

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