Bradgate Park Trust

Bradgate Park Trust wanted a good Outdoor Wi-Fi signal. Dalys helped them with Ubiquiti Dual Band Wi-fi boxes

Bradgate Park Trust is a charitable organisation responsible for the management and conservation of Bradgate Park and Swithland Wood. Which are located in Charnwood, North Leicestershire.

The Trust’s primary goal is to preserve the natural and historical heritage of these areas for the public to enjoy.

Bradgate Park is known for its picturesque landscapes, diverse wildlife, and historic significance. This includes the ruins of Bradgate House, the childhood home of Lady Jane Grey. Who was briefly Queen of England in the 16th century.

The Trust oversees various conservation efforts, maintenance of footpaths and facilities, and educational programs for visitors.


At the heart of Bradgate Park stands The Deer Barn Café and Visitors Centre. Serving as a central hub for park visitors. The Trust aims to maximise this pivotal space by considering hosting outdoor markets multiple times annually. With over 50 stallholders at their annual summer fayre. However, with the ongoing trend towards a cashless society. The challenge was in ensuring a robust outdoor Wi-Fi infrastructure capable of supporting seamless card transactions for all stallholders. Thus, a need for a Wi-Fi system capable of providing a strong and dependable outside signal extending up to 180 meters radius from the building.

For good Outdoor Wi-Fi signal Dalys can help you with Ubiquiti Dual Band Wi-fi boxes
For good Outdoor Wi-Fi signal Dalys can help you with Ubiquiti Dual Band Wi-fi boxes
For good Outdoor Wi-Fi signal Dalys can help you with Ubiquiti Dual Band Wi-fi boxes

The Solution – Ubiquiti Dual Band Wifi

Dalys conduct a thorough site survey to assess the location and proposed the fitting of four outdoor Wi-Fi AP’s (Access Points) positioned at the four corners of the building. Ensuring a 360° outdoor Wi-Fi signal with a range of 180 meters (or more in favourable weather conditions) and fast connection speeds. This proposed setup provided the necessary connectivity for stallholders to process card payments seamlessly during transactions..

In December 2023, the four APs were successfully installed. Since then, the Trust has organised a successful outdoor market event, hosting 20 stalls over the Christmas period. All participants were able to conduct their online transactions smoothly and efficiently. Thanks to the installed APs. This implementation significantly contributed to the event’s success and satisfaction for all involved.

“Working with Dalys was straightforward as they easily understood our needs and a suitable solution. Since the initial test at our winter fayre, we’re now approaching larger future events with confidence, knowing that stallholders and visitors won’t have card payment problems.”
Bradgate Park Trust wanted a good Outdoor Wi-Fi signal. Dalys helped them with Ubiquiti Dual Band Wi-fi boxes
James Dymond

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